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QO, Edison. pers


PART IT (1879-1886)

Thomas E. Jeffrey Microfilm Editor and Associate Director

Paul B. Israel

Assistant Editor Mary Ann Hellrigel Douglas G. Tarr David W. Hutchings Robert A. Rosenberg

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University Publications of America Frederick, Maryland 1987

Edison signature used with permission of McGraw-Edison Company.

add related cht stone Aten cts siete nd ani ith dle

Thomas A. Edison Papers at

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The original documents in this edition are from the archive at the Edison National Historic Site at West Orange, New Jersey.



Reese V. Jenkins Director and Editor

Thomas E. Jeffrey

Associate Director and Microfilm Editor

- Assistant Editors Paul B. Israel Robert A. Rosenberg Keith A. Nier Andrew Butrica

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James Brittain, Georgia Institute of Technology Alfred D. Chandler, Jr., Harvard University Neil Harris, University of Chicago Thomas Parke Hughes, University of Pennsylvania Arthur Link, Princeton University Nathan Reingold, Smithsonian Institution Robert E. Schofield, lowa State University


William C. Hittinger (chairman), RCA Corporation Edward J. Bloustein, Rutgers, The State University of NJ. "Cees Bruynes, North American Philips Corporation Paul J. Christiansen, Charles Edison Fund Philip F. Dietz, Westinghouse Electric Corporation Roland W. Schmitt, General Electric Corporation Harold W. Sonn, Public Service Electric and Gas Company Morris Tanenbaum, AT&T


PRIVATE FOUNDATIONS Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Charles Edison Fund

The Hyde and Watson Foundation Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

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Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Katz Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. McGraw-Edison Company Middle South Services, Inc. Minnesota Power New Jersey Bell Telephone Company New York State Electric & Gas Corporation North American Philips Corporation Philadelphia Electric Company Philips International B.V. Public Service Electric and Gas Company ; RCA Corporation Robert Bosch GmbH San Diego Gas & Electric Savannah Electric and Power Company Schering Plough Foundation Texas Utilities Company Thomson-Brandt Transamerica Delaval Inc. Westinghouse Educational Foundation Wisconsin Public Service Corporation

ee ee eee eee

SE re eS ER tl ee aT See SR ne Eee Pee ee

5a SOR oh 6H HERA fed nemsteisses puna 9h ibe $i cts3,

A Note on the Sources

The pages which have been filmed are the best copies _ available. Every technical - effort possible has been - made to ensure legibility.


Reel duplication of the whole or of any part of this film is prohibited. in feu of transcripts, however, enlarged photocopies of selected ems contained on these reels may be made in order to facilitate research. |



a REEL 64


D-83-001 through D-33-016 ("Deafness" through "Edison, T.A. - Outgoing Correspondence")

D-83-001 D-83-002 D-83-003 D-83-004 D-83-005 D-83-006 D-83-007 D-83-008 D-33-009 D-83-010 D-83-011 D-83-012 D-83-013 D-83-014 D-83-015 D-83-016 D-83-017 D-83-018 D-83-019 D-83-020 D-83-021 D-83-022 D-83-023 D-83-024 D-83-025



Drexel, Morgan & Company

Edison, T.A. - General

Edison, T.A. - Accounts (not filmed)

Edison, T.A. - Advice

Edison, T.A. - Articles

Edison, T.A. - Autograph and Photograph Requests (not filmed) Edison, T.A. - Bills and Receipts (not filmed) Edison, T.A. - Bills of Lading (not filmed) Edison, T.A. - Book and Journal Orders

Edison, T.A. - Clubs and Societies

Edison, T.A. - Creditors (not filmed)

Edison, T.A. - Employment

Edison, T.A. - Family

Edison, T.A. - Insurance

Edison, T.A. - Outgoing Correspondence Edison, T.A. - Suppliers

Edison, T.A. - Unsolicited Inquiries (not filmed) Edison, T.A. - Visitors (not filmed)

Electric Light - General

Electric Light - Ansonia Brass & Copper Company Electric Light - Armington & Sims

Electric Light - Babcock & Wilcox

Electric Light - Bergmann & Company

Electric Light - Edison Company for Isolated Lighting

D-83-026 D-83-027 D-83-028 D-83-029 D-83-030 D-83-031 D-83-032 D-83-033 D-83-034 D-83-035 D-83-036 D-83-037 D-83-038 D-83-039

D-83-040 D-83-041







Electric Light - Edison Electric Illuminating Company of New York Electric Light - Edison Electric Light Company - General

Electric Light - Edison Electric Light Company - Defect Reports Electric Light - Edison Electric Light Company - Engineering Department Electric Light - Edison Electric Light Company - Testing Department Electric Light - Edison Electric Light Company of Europe, Ltd.

Electric Light - Edison Lamp Company - General

Electric Light - Edison Lamp Company - Lamp Test Reports

Electric Light - Edison Machine Works

Electric Light - Electric Tube Company

Electric Light - Foreign - General

Electric Light - Foreign - Europe

Electric Light - Foreign - United Kingdom - General

Electric Light - Foreign - United Kingdom - Edison's Indian and Colonial Electric Light Company, Ltd.

Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - General Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Accounts (not filmed)

Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Canvassing Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Engineering Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations - Connecticut

Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations - Kentucky - Lousiville

Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations - Massachusetts - Brockton

Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations -

Massachusetts - Fall River














Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations -

Massachusetts - Lawrence

Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations -

Missouri - Kansas City

Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations -

Missouri ~ St. Louis

Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations -

New York - Newburgh

Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations -

New York - Utica

Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations -

Ohio - General

Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations -

Ohio - Middletown

Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations -

Ohio - Piqua

Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations -

Ohio - Tiffin

Electric Light ~- Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations -

Pennsylvania - Bellefonte

Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations -

Pennsylvania ~ Erie

Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations -

Pennsylvania - Mt. Carmel

Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations -

Pennsylvania - Shamokin

D-83-061 D-83-062 D-33-063

D-83-064 D-83-065 D-83-066 D-83-067 D-83-068 D-83-069 D-83-070 D-83-071 D-83-072 D-83-073 D-83-074

Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations -

Pennsylvania - Sunbury

Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations -

Pennsylvania - Williamsport

Electric Light - Thomas A. Edison Construction Department - Stations -

Wisconsin ~ Appleton

Electric Light - Western Edison Light Company Electric Pen


Insull, Samuel


New York Laboratory



Railroad - Electric



1883. Deafness (D-83-001)

Following the appearance in early 1878 of articles about the phonograph, which drew attention to his own deafness, Edison began receiving inquiries about his proposed invention of a hearing aid. (See Thomas A. Edison Papers Microfilm Edition, Part I, 15:3-166.) This folder contains correspondence inquiring about the current state of the invention.

Approximately 20 percent of the documents have been filmed. These items received significant replies or were written by individuals associated with Edison.

ogy a re oe ee : i.

3 ee GS—-o/ ty


sy gRs-o FO 1k


{ te | i Pe as 3} | ee ee i i i Dpéz /\ i ff CPLEE... SIC : : fed a '

i ees: “ted i Le, es pb


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i Red « ~ FP 3-0 FETE Js A i a j a

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“Samed of aft. “ade = OU “ik bea “ity fetal Hat gellets tn i

ne <—ed fase Me f ease - fit ins. tu. ect

a al cn Cul) a ohdaa, Daa ws tle te 7 Wes athe a of

aah eae ge yy aaa a EEA ee

Nessrs, Alonzo @ Consoli,, Gassano, Italy, 7 ae

“Deer Sires nF ve ary ae F Te ar ee Ear SO ee . ¥ : . four favor of tha T4tn, August “datie “duly to hand and ‘in

‘Poply F vould bes to. state that’ goveral vears ? : we: gf FREES S is

& good “deal on the instrument for the reliet of! 4 v

cunpelled tu abanden ny exper inents in consequence of Other 70% . 4 - = a i ford

t Patios i . : ttors which. required my aivgediate at Lontsdon,

rT havea 4 oF ee pay : Fi . Ve Not, up te this Mating, over found tee SQ agein return te tho Ubiact ; Tt tet a SY oe i bur o th subject, buy Tar hoping? on ‘sume future occasion T may ‘an able Ce tak + Ppt e Bate ha Bets cepetunce ie 2 She 6 : te , Sako the batter tip,” as Feel that shis subjeet is "h 7 if.

well: worthy ones attentions 7 l


1883. Drexel, Morgan & Company (D-83-002)

This folder contains correspondence about financial transactions undertaken by Drexel, Morgan & Company for Edison or his companies. Material relating to Drexel, Morgan & Company's role as a financier of Edison's electric light and telephone ventures can be found in folders on those subjects.

Approximately 10 percent of the documents have been filmed.

correspondence relating to financial transactions for Edison or his compai not been filmed.

Routine nies has

SE RES Se SE - Dhyaut ions bi .

3 F me P.0.Box 3036.

Ve | 3 ra a4 Yorher

Ce Mi irc ayers nawmasin eR

A 5 ye | | [PF 3-1-0 F

v, , DRERELMO MORGANE CO. ILSt.Corner Broad. ~) NewYork. |)

“g pumae: aa: fre ee BW rig ee whe:

iY cae 883

| | a

Pow Bac . tee pen: pra Siildion VOOVE bf we an Cit Ge, fest, O cinse, ou ee ee

Aas sot LF Ez 6 Charea’ ae ean OK LE LTTE, a GBF IO ox, Sh wee

feotata O

DREXELMORGAN&CO.. 0." au. St.Comer Broad. « { - NewYe

b ai

aay "Tonka | (i ne

Per ee / __Gooo. vane

: ye | Care / rw L2So00 7 ee gaat :

Ps atoms hs. ow "la ve-e. Vtg Jab ha & [$73 . Jo Lt Maxed. Fw Lp Wet Toa j re /. wm as @ br Sha, yO 3&9. & ' ~28 Sasty 2/ 2 pn A337. a ce VTE 12 a73b “AS/o. | Dt Query yh feay' To f -—. é a ag eT oy Aas /6.9g7 | ‘8 aa (ae Ly [2 “Gs te Me ]e3 cre" s 2 ae eee 24% 193.97 ser cery maar t

| a I: .

1883. Edison, T.A. ~ General (D-83-003)

This folder contains documents, primarily correspondence, covering a wide variety of subjects. Some of the material relates to personal matters. Also included are documents that deal with more than one subject, such as a letter about both the electric light and the telephone. Documents concerning subjects that do not fall under the main subject categories are also filed in this folder.

Approximately 90 percent of the documents have been filmed. Duplicate copies of correspondence, third-party correspondence unrelated to Edison, and unanswered fan mail have not been filmed. Unsolicited requests for personal favors, for loans and exhibits of inventions, and for information about Edison have not been filmed except in cases where a significant answer has been found.


E, T, GILLILAND, Pres't. 47 Wales Bullding. J. R, MULVANE, Vice Pres't.

GC, D, GRANDALL, Sec'y and Treas.

E, L, SMITH. Gen'l Sup't.

Lett PASE 2—

Kansas Ci a

we uw & ae 4 4 ae i

SN ee Be SE eee ap ae

Ravikeeur’s Art Gila is

| ae rR ES ey [n On, Gravon, PASTBL,.W ES & INDIR INK,

No. 683 Broad Street,

Aiwa Af, dp , ASSES

7 Shad sicee aces

Coane) “NO William St. St. @ostoimceifac),

“Marval, New! vel, NewYork? . ee 3 Se Rare Re 609,


en TAS (888 -0l- 081 2 Glee eee

Hours for correction of Assessment 10 A. M. to 2 Pp a ea Please bring this noticd with you. ;

DEPARTMENT OF TAXES AND "ASSESSMENTS, Staats Zeitung Building, Tryon Row.

: “i New York, January 8th, 1883.

You de hereby notified that your Personal

Estate for 1883 is assessed at; 5 SZ, 200 exclusive of Bank

stock, and that the same, if ifonser mugy be ehacied before the

, Commissioners, on or before’ the goth day of Apt il next, or it will be confirmed at that amount; fron pwhich'f here se be no appeal,

By cider vs) the Board, o .

% jramgs Ooi EED, eee:

é } L . a & Yo ty



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phil fice med SM i ber Dee l Pe aoa ie G ttthin rie ays na

| grrr? eae lwtees ie

'' oJ P.O. Box, 2078. eed CecH)

18S - 20°

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a Dea memence | Twas informed by Mr. Borden ee that L appiieation: | aa jhad been made: to him by Miss! ‘Se Fe Whiting ot Nontostey, College ae

é Shae eee | | aa | - Pec coaghiet oat co aE | JamaryBaid,_a¢ 1883. aaa a dion | a


plass of. oung: adios at the Colleges UT. told rs Borden

hat Z would, refer. ‘the. matter to. you and’ reel be glad’ if. you



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